About us

Sebastian Gröbler (SierraGolf)

Sebastian was born in 1985 in Berlin. He started programming at the age of 17 out of curiosity for the world wide web. His first project was an online shop for surfing (the kinda surfing you do in the ocean) material using HTML, PHP and ActionScript. He owned that surfshop for about two years. In that time he managed to sell an amazing amount of two items. No need to mention, that the shop was closed.

The main reason for the failure of this project was that he mainly focused on implementing a nice and fancy website, rather than on marketing and sales. He found out that he is not the best sales or marketing guy, but that he has a strong interest in building high quality software. That led him to study Media Informatics at the Beuth Hochschule Berlin.

Sebastian build up some strong knowledge and also a reasonable amount of hate about PHP when working on small and medium sized web-applications as side projects throughout his studies. He also worked and experimented in Java mobile applications (J2ME) and Java desktop applications (SWT, JFace).

After he finished his bachelor thesis Advanced Java ME: from preprocessing to postprocessing he started working as a web developer in a small company called spendino which was providing web based fundraising tools for non-profit-organizations. Aside from the basics of HTML, CSS and Javascript, he mainly focused on PHP and ActionScript.

After a little more than one and a half year he got the chance to start working as a professional Java developer at Groupon in june of 2011.

Willi Schönborn (whiskeysierra)

Since September 2013 he works as a Software Engineer for the Zalando AG and his work currently focuses on implementing crucial business processes using a BPMN engine with a strong emphasis on testability, monitoring and maintainability.

How they became friends

They met each other at the Beuthochschule and became friends very soon. They both learned about Java as an object oriented programming language and developed a strong interest in code quality and related topics.